Our concrete sealant retail store in Columbus OH location
At V-SEAL Concrete Sealers, we have been offering premium concrete sealers to concrete professionals since 1988.  With over 10,000 clients on every continent, except Antarctica, V-SEAL has provided sealer for such projects as Disney Land, Disney World, Universal Studios, Bush Gardens, Harvard University, Duke University, Ohio State University, The Rose Bowl, Ohio Stadium, Dallas Cowboy Stadium, Bellagio, MGM, Hard Rock, US Army, US Navy, US Air Force, US Marines, NASA, and the airports in Tampa, Atlanta, Charlotte, Dallas, Cincinnati and LaGuardia. V-SEAL is now offering sealer for projects in China!


V-SEAL’s hallmark is “Expert Live Technical Service”.  With a simple phone call you can speak to an experienced technical advisor capable of assisting you with almost any sealer question regarding your high profile commercial project … or driveway, patio, basement or garage. 
V-SEAL is widely recognized for its long lasting reactive penetrating sealers that permanently bond with concrete and other porous masonry substrates and will only wear away if the substrate itself wears away.  V-SEAL offers penetrating sealers for all porous substrates and will help you understand which can best meet the demands of your project.

V-SEAL is also known for its scientifically superior Concrete Curing Agents and Concrete Driveway Sealers.   V-SEAL offers penetrating sealers and topical coatings that can exceed the test criteria of ASTM C156, ASTM C309, and ASHTO M148 while providing lasting sealer protection in one application.  V-SEAL has also pioneered a two-step curing and sealing process that can be completed in one week or less.

V-SEAL has provided the Concrete Floor Sealer to seal millions of square feet of beautiful, durable floors.  Our advisors will help you understand the costs and benefits of virtually every floor sealer system on the market today – Concrete Densifier, Epoxy, Urethane, Polyaspartic, Chip Systems, and Metallic Pigments.   Our products range from do-it-yourself Garage Epoxy Kits to high end multi-component traffic deck systems.

V-SEAL was at the beginning high performance Concrete Countertop Sealers.  What is often called the  V-SEAL System has been protecting concrete countertops for more than a decade with water-based (truly FDA Compliant and Food Safe) sealers that provide natural appearance, unbeaten abrasion resistance, 400 degree heat resistance, and proven stain resistance to citrus, vinegar, wine, coffee, soda, Tabasco, and even gasoline, acetone and Clorox bleach. 

Architects and engineers with concerns about ASTM and NCHRP tests rely upon V-SEAL to navigate the maze of technical data – penetrating sealers, high-build coatings, membranes, protective film coatings, and specialty coatings.  V-SEAL is devoted to protecting surfaces and substrates of concrete and other masonry materials from deterioration and erosion. In harsh environments – vehicle traffic, chemical exposure, moisture, snow/ice or intense sunlight – V-SEAL products deliver maximum performance.

Contractors  curing and sealing new concrete, preserving older damaged concrete, preventing moisture intrusion, minimizing dust, or refining a perfect appearance, indoors and outdoors, above grade and below grade – V-SEAL has your practical solutions.  With V-SEAL® 102 you’ll find all your ASTM specifications for cure rate (2% MVTR) with the lasting protection that can last the life time of the surface.  You’ll also find industrial cleaners, densifier/hardeners, water-proofing, epoxy/urethane systems for industrial and commercial floors, and every viable system for sealing commercial and residential concrete countertops.  For your convenience we also offer and repair products.  If you have a business opportunity to clean and protect concrete, brick or stone we will help you convert that opportunity into profit.

Homeowners know that those same products protecting amusement parks, schools and monuments provide superior protection at home!  With the same attention to detail as professionals demand, homeowners receive common-sense advice and find V-SEAL Cleaners and V-SEAL Sealers offer simple and complete solutions for beautifying and protecting their long term investments … and reducing weekend chores.  V-SEAL offers beautiful long lasting protection for driveways, sidewalks, patios, stamped concrete, exposed aggregate, garage floors, basement floors and walls, basement water-proofing, radon reduction,  brick, pavers, natural and artificial stone, swimming pools, ponds and concrete countertops.  

Research & Consulting Services offered by our V-SEAL Concrete Sealers affiliate, the TARA Group – a research, development and consulting company specifically for the study of masonry substrates and surface defects. Our history has been devoted to creating, sourcing and testing new products and solutions to battle deterioration and erosion of surfaces and substrates.  Contact Us to arrange an on-site visit or deliver to us of you transportable samples for forensic testing, core testing, infrared testing and expert testimony.

65+ Leading US Manufacturers trust V-SEAL to offer their products nationwide and provide product selection and ongoing technical support.  These suppliers include: Richard James Specialty Chemical (RJSC, StoneLok™ E3/2K2), Thin Film Technology (TFT), Quaker Chemical, RapidShield, Dayton Superior, BASF, Mapei, Ardex, DuPont, Dumond, Franmar, Sonneborn, Advanced Chemical Technology, American Ultraviolet, ReKrete Waterless Concrete Cleaner, Kryton, Conspec, Evonic, Auquafin, Koster, Tremco, Sika, and more.

V-SEAL products comply with EPA, FDA, ADA and OSHA and are delivered to you with information and application instructions you can understand.  Since 1988, V-SEAL has stood for quality and dependability professionals and homeowners trust.



V-SEAL’s extensive list of products includes 20 Year Concrete Sealer, Concrete Driveway Sealer, Concrete Floor Sealer, Warehouse Floor Sealer, Parking Garage Sealer, Patio Sealer, Basement Sealer, Concrete Block Sealer, Waterproof Sealer, Clay Brick Sealer, Floor Epoxy, Garage Epoxy, Urethane Sealer, Polyaspartic Sealer, Concrete Curing Agents, UV Lamps, UV Curing Sealer, Concrete Countertop Sealer, Concrete Repair Products, Crack Sealant, Joint Sealant, Concrete Cleaner, Efflorescence Cleaner, and more.