V-SEAL's range of technical expertise and unmatched product selection helps architects complete their job easier from beginning to end.

Why have architects been working with V-SEAL for over 25 years? There are two simple reasons. First, our expertise helps them navigate the maze of technical data and specifications for penetrating sealers, high-build coatings, membranes, protective film coatings, and specialty coatings, to name a few. Additionally, our experts are on the forefront of creating, sourcing and testing new products and solutions that battle deterioration and erosion. Secondly, many of our 300+ brand name products are designed to deliver maximum, long-lasting performance in harsh environments that deal with vehicle traffic, chemical exposure, and inclement weather. In addition to our own product selection, over 65 leading manufacturers trust V-SEAL to offer their products nationwide and provide ongoing technical support.

V-SEAL can provide specification documents in MS Word, Arcom MasterSpec, or Arcat CSI-3 and Canadian CSC.