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When cleaning concrete, brick, or stone the first recommendation is always pressure washing if practical. Many concrete cleaners can cause discoloration if used in excess, so they should always be used after pressure cleaning fails to remove the stain at hand.

Most cleaners can be categorized as alkaline or acidic:

Alkaline Cleaners

Alkaline cleaners or detergent type cleaners are great for normal stains from dirt, oil, and grease. They do no permanent damage to the substrate, but if left on too long or used in too high of a concentration, may bleach out the substrate.

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Acidic Cleaners

Acidic cleaners are best for stains caused by reactions with the substrate such as rust, efflorescence, and leaf stains. Acidic cleaners eat away at the substrate until the stain is no longer apparent. Because of this, they should be neutralized after use to ensure no further damage to the concrete. Some acids are much more harmful than others, so use caution when selecting which type of acid is necessary.

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If the type of stain is not apparent or known, cleaning should always be approached in this order:

  1. Pressure Washing (if possible)

  2. Alkaline Cleaner (detergent)

  3. Acidic Cleaner