Contractors pouring New Concrete know that properly curing concrete increases the odds of achieving maximum long term appearance and performance and saves potentially costly warranty repairs. V-SEAL is at the forefront of Concrete Curing Technology with Chemically Reactive Penetrating Cures that provide perfect 2% Moisture Vapor Transmission Rates (MVTR), along with Permanently Increased PSI and 20 Year Sealer Protection. V-SEAL offers the only truly reactive curing compound that passes ASTM C309 curing standards AND protects against freeze/thaw and salt damage for years to come. We also offer conventional dissipating acrylic cures for indoor and outdoor use.

Reactive Curing Products:

V-SEAL 102 – Penetrating Sealer and Curing Compound for Broom Finished Concrete

V-SEAL 102 contains the same cross-linking chemistry of V-SEAL 101 with additives for superior salt, ice and harsh winter protection of broom finished concrete. Larger molecular structure makes 102 best suited for broom finished concrete and rough masonry, for most other finishes – see V-SEAL 101.

V-SEAL 101 – Multi-Surface Penetrating Sealer and Curing Agent

Our original cross-linking chemistry and most versatile sealer for all porous concrete, exposed aggregate, brick, stone and other masonry.

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