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Topical Coatings or topical coating systems adhere to the surface of the substrate, similar to how paint adheres to a wall. These sealers are great for stain and chemical resistance and can provide a decorative appearance. They will provide the highest resistances to surface stains. Topical coatings can vary greatly in their appearance and longevity depending on which sealer you choose and the type or quantity of resin(s) used in the sealer. All coatings will wear off over time. Sealers with high chemical resistances and high abrasion resistance will last the longest, but will also come with a higher price tag.

There are four main types of topical coatings:


cheapest, easiest to apply, water or solvent based, must be re-applied every 1-3 years

Our Sealer(s): Industra-Gloss SB, Industra-Gloss SB 350, Industra-Gloss WB


most chemically resistant, low UV resistance, high abrasion resistance, typically re-applied every 5-10 years, bonds well with many substrates

Our Sealer(s): Industra-Coat 3015, StoneLok E3


highest abrasion resistant, high UV resistance, high chemical resistance, typically re-applied every 5-10 years, will not bond directly to most substrates- usually requires an epoxy primer

Our Sealer(s): Industra-Coat 3321, Industra-Coat 3322, StoneLok™ 2K2


coatings with two or more of the above resins used to achieve high resistances and easy of application and/or lower price

Our Sealer(s): TK6™ NanoCoat