The video below shows application instructions for all penetrating sealers, using V-SEAL 102 on broom finished concrete as an example.

The main goal for application is to get as much sealer into the substrate without having any dry on the surface. Surfaces should be saturated, and excess sealer should be removed or pushed into the next area that will be sealed. A pump up garden sprayer, paint roller, shop broom, or squeegee are all acceptable tools for application of a penetrating sealer.

  • Over-application of any and all reactive penetrating sealers will cause a white chalky appearance that will wear away in time, or can be removed with abrasion. Solvents will not remove reactive penetrating sealers.
  • Under application will result in partially sealed concrete, brick, or stone. If water can still soak in and darken the substrate, not enough sealer was used, and another application may be necessary.
  • The ‘beading effect’ may fade over time, as the concrete is worn in, but water should not soak in and darken the substrate. Over time, concrete will make water ‘sheet’ instead of ‘bead’ on the surface.