ATG CounterTek Countertop Kits

ATG CounterTek Epoxy & Urethane Kits (formerly StoneLok E3/2K2) are water-based (safe for use on food-contact surfaces) and offer unmatched stain resistance (coffee, wine, soda, vinegar, citrus, Tabasco, acetone, gasoline, Clorox and more), unbeaten abrasion resistance, 400 degree F heat resistance. ATG CounterTek 2K Pro 2 Urethane topcoat is available in Gloss, Low Gloss, and Satin (XLG) finish. This system is also widely used by homeowners around the world.

ATG CounterTek Countertop Kit Outline & Instructions

Order of Application:

Step 1: W-O/S Substrate Conditioner

Step 2: Epoxy Gen 3

Step 3: 2K Pro 2 Polyurethane

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Gallons needed: 1

*Coverage may vary due to porosity and texture of substrate.

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

Icon 1 Food Safe
Icon 5 Highest abrasion resistance
Icon 2 Heat resistant up to 400° F
Icon 3 Maximum stain resistance
Icon 4 Chemical resistant
Icon 8 Available in gloss, semi-gloss & satin/matte

 ATG CounterTek Countertop Kits (formerly StoneLok E3/2K2) Applications

ATG CounterTek Countertop Systems are great for concrete countertops and floors, or any prepared concrete or masonry surface where high levels of stain and abrasion resistance are necessary.

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  • Please read ALL instructions before use to familiarize yourself with the application process. If you have any questions, please contact us at 614-754-4777 to speak with a technical advisor.
  • Prepare: Surface should be clean, dry, and have a surface profile at least as rough as a 200-300 grit sand/grind.
  • Dilute and apply W-O/S Substrate Conditioner. Allow 45-60 Minutes to dry.
  • Mix and apply ATG CounterTek Epoxy Gen 3 Primer according to included instructions.
  • Allow at least 8-12 hours at 70 degrees F. Before moving on, ATG CounterTek Epoxy Gen 3 should be dry to the touch.
  • Mix and apply ATG CounterTek 2K Pro 2 Urethane Topcoat according to included instructions.
  • Allow 5-7 days at 70 degrees F to reach full cure and full resistances. Colder temperatures and/or thicker than normal applications can slow cure times.
  • Painters tape should not be used on surfaces sealed with 2K Pro 2 and may cause delamination from the surface.

Frequently Asked Questions

1What is included in my kit?
40 ft.2 Kit - 28 ml W-O/S, 16 oz ATG CounterTek Epoxy Gen 3 Kit, 12 oz ATG CounterTek 2K Pro 2 Kit 80 ft.2 Kit - 28 ml W-O/S, 1 Quart ATG CounterTek Epoxy Gen 3 Kit, 2 x 12 oz ATG CounterTek 2K Pro 2 Kits 150 ft.2 Kit - 112 ml W-O/S, 2 x Quart ATG CounterTek Epoxy Gen 3 Kits, 48 oz ATG CounterTek 2K Pro 2 Kit 400 ft.2 Kit - 234 ml W-O/S, 1 Gallon ATG CounterTek Epoxy Gen 3 Kit, 1 Quart ATG CounterTek Epoxy Gen 3 Kit, 1 Gallon ATG CounterTek 2K Pro 2 Kit
2Do I need anything else?
Application tools are not included in the kit, so you will need either a sprayer or a roller and roller covers to apply the coatings. If rolling, we typically recommend nap roller covers that are 1/4“ - 3/8“. Foam rollers have a tendency to produce bubbles in the coatings. You will also need: clean mixing containers, a power drill with a low speed setting and a drill mixing blade. Drop cloth and tape can be used to mask areas off around the application area, but painters tapes should never be used over the coatings as solvents in adhesives can often damage coatings.
3What are the temperature and humidity constraints for applying the CounterTek Countertop System? What about for the curing/drying period?
Recommended application temperature should be close to 70 degrees F without varying much during the curing process (4-7 days). Humidity should be less than 60%. Colder temperatures can slow down and even stop the curing process. High temperatures can accelerate the pot life and curing process.
4Which product do I apply first?
Typically the OS/W substrate conditioner is applied first (after diluting with water) and is wiped on. Once dry (typically 30-45 minutes), the CounterTek Epoxy Gen 3 should be mixed and applied according to the directions. After letting the CounterTek Epoxy Gen 3 cure for 8-24 hours, the CounterTek 2K Pro 2 Urethane is the final component you will apply. Please download the application packet for a full outline and product instructions.
5I ordered an Extra Low Gloss Kit, why did I received CounterTek Epoxy Gen 3 - Gloss?
CounterTek Epoxy Gen 3 is only available in Gloss, there is no alternative. When topcoating with CounterTek 2K Pro 2 Urethane, the final finish of the surface is determined by the finish of the CounterTek 2K Pro 2 Urethane. During purchasing, selecting a finish will designate which version of the StoneLok 2K2 topcoat you will receive in your kit. CounterTek 2K Pro 2 Urethane is available in Gloss (high gloss finish), Low Gloss (semi gloss finish), and Extra Low Gloss (satin finish).
6How do I prepare my concrete before I start my application?
We recommend that the surface is fully cured and dry (no trapped moisture), clean and free of contaminants, and that the surface profile is at least as rough as a 200-300 grit sand or grind. Sanding or grinding typically exposes new, clean concrete that is free of contaminants. After sanding or grinding, wipe the surface with acetone or a 50/50 acetone/water solution to remove dust from sanding. Once the surface is clean, dry, and adequately rough, you may begin your application process.
7How long do I have to let my concrete cure before applying my CounterTek Kit?
Your concrete surface must be fully cured before applying the CounterTek Countertop Kit to ensure that no moisture is trapped during the coating process. Full cure times are dependent on the type of mix you are using. Please refer to the manufacturer of your mix for information on concrete curing times. Countertops generally cure much faster than floor slabs as they are thinner and can cure from all directions (approximately 2 weeks).
8Do I have to buy the products in a kit, or can I purchase them separately?
If you plan to use all three products, it is more affordable to purchase them in one of our square footage kits. If you do not need all three products for your application, or simply need more of only one or two of the products, we offer them separately as well. However, CounterTek 2K Pro 2 Urethane should not be applied as a stand-alone product as it typically requires a suitable primer for adhesion.
9Are CounterTek Kits only offered in clear, or colors?
The CounterTek Kits are offered in Clear on our website, but the Epoxy Gen 3 and/or 2K Pro 2 Urethane may be tinted as well. This option is only available for customers to order over the phone as we must communicate with the manufacturing location to determine if color trials are necessary for the desired color. If color matching for the specific color has been completed previously, color trials should not be necessary and we would only charge for the cost of the dye (approximately $10 - $50 per unit for 1 Gallon of coating). If color matching trials are necessary, 1-3 are performed for $50.00 each, and cost is passed on directly to the customer with no upcharge. Please give us a call at (614)754-4777 if you would like to discuss color options for the CounterTek Countertop System.
10Do the kits provide color enhancement or Gloss?
The Epoxy Gen 3 primer is naturally color enhancing (darkened, wet look). Color enhancement will vary between substrates, typically more color enhancement is visible as porosity increases (more porous = more color enhancement). For less color enhancement, CounterTek 6 (formerly TK6 NanoCoat) can also be used as a suitable primer for the CounterTek 2K Pro 2 Urethane. The final coating used will always provide the finish that is visible - and CounterTek 2K Pro 2 Urethane is available in three different finishes - Gloss, Low Gloss (semi-gloss), and Extra Low Gloss (satin)
11What are the shelf life and storage recommendations for CounterTek Kits?
CounterTek Kits have a one year shelf life when unopened and properly stored without freezing. After opening, shelf life is diminished and kits should be used within one month. A dry gas blanket may extend shelf life after opening.
12Can I use my CounterTek Kit for an outdoor application? Can it be applied outdoor?
CounterTek Kits are UV stable and great for outdoor use when shaded, but generally are not applied outdoor as the application constraints are hard to maintain for the full curing period (4-7 days). If applying outdoor, temperature and humidity must be controlled, and the coatings must be protected from damage for the entire curing process.
13How long will my CounterTek System last?
CounterTek Epoxy Gen 3 and CounterTek 2K Pro 2 Urethane have the highest abrasion resistances available for their respective categories (epoxy, urethane, etc.). With normal use and proper care, the CounterTek System will typically last many years. In addition, a refresh coat can be applied at any time. A light sand with 200-300 grit provides great mechanical bond for the adhesion of another topical coating.
14How do I dispose of leftover CounterTek products?
If mixed and allowed to solidify completely, products can be disposed of normally. Please refer to your local authority to ensure accordance with local, state, and federal laws.


Shelf Life: 1 year when unopened
After opening, use within one month on 3 or fewer applications. Dry gas blankets may help extend life after opening

ATG CounterTek Epoxy Gen 3

  • 51% Solids
  • Tabor Abrasion (CS17, 1000g, 1000 cycles): 40 mg loss
  • Tensile Strength: 7000 psi
  • Elongation: 90% at cure
  • V.O.C. Content: 91 g/L catalyzed
  • Cure Schedule:
            Recoat/Topcoat: 8 - 24 hours
            Full Cure: 3 - 7 days
  • Coverage: 250 - 400 ft.2 per Gal (at 4-7 mils wet film thickness)

ATG CounterTek 2K Pro 2 Urethane

  • 64% Solids
  • Tabor Abrasion (CS17, 1000g, 1000 cycles): 20 mg loss
  • V.O.C. Content: 48 g/L
  • Cure Schedule (at 70 F):
            Pot Life: 2 - 4 hours
            Print Free: 12 hours
            Full Cure: ~3-7 days

Download the Fact Sheet

ATG CounterTek Countertop Kits
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