ATG CounterTek Countertop Kits

ATG CounterTek Countertop Kits

ATG CounterTek Epoxy & Urethane Kits (formerly StoneLok E3/2K2) are water-based (food safe) and offer unmatched stain resistance (coffee, wine, soda, vinegar, citrus, Tabasco, acetone, gasoline, Clorox and more), unbeaten abrasion resistance, 400 degree heat resistance. ATG CounterTek 2K Pro 2 Urethane topcoat is available in Gloss, Low Gloss, and Satin (XLG) finish. This system is also widely used by homeowners around the world.

ATG CounterTek Countertop Kit Outline & Instructions

Order of Application:

Step 1: W-O/S Substrate Conditioner

Step 2: Epoxy Gen 3

Step 3: 2K Pro 2 Polyurethane

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Quantity required: 12oz

*Product size may vary depending on square feet coverage.
Weight N/A
Choose a Gloss Level

Gloss, Semi-Gloss, Satin


40 Sq. Ft. Kit ($168.95), 80 Sq. Ft. Kit ($268.95), 150 Sq. Ft. Kit ($356.95)

ATG CounterTek Countertop Kits
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