D/2 Biological Solution is a specially formulated biological cleaner that removes environmental pollution, dirt, and staining caused by mold, mildew, lichen, and algae.  D/2 Biological Solution is ideal for use on a variety of indoor and outdoor surfaces, including:

  • Natural stones – granite, marble, limestone, slate, sandstone
  • Masonry – brick, travertine, terra cotta, stucco
  • Concrete
  • Wood and teak
  • Residential surfaces – asphalt shingles, aluminum and vinyl siding, gutters and downspouts
  • Plastic and composite materials – outdoor furniture, decking, hot tub skirting
  • Canvas awnings

D/2 Biological Solution features:

  • Fast-acting, pH neutral and zero VOC
  • Easy, ready-to-use formula contains no bleach, salt, solvents or acids
  • Will not etch metal or glass
  • Biodegradable and safe for use around plants and wildlife
Choose a Size

Qt ($18.95), Gal ($45.95), 5 Gal Pail ($208.00)

D/2 Biological Solution
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