Commercial Floor Sealers and Restaurant Floor Sealers must meet demanding special requirements. They must be durable, attractive, and easy to clean without damaging standard mops and cleaning equipment, and meet Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) traction guidelines, Food and Drug Administration (FDA) guidelines, and other Healthcare or Hospital related requirements. V-SEAL has the expertise and products to achieve all your goals for Commercial Floor Sealers and Restaurant Floor Sealers.

Penetrating Sealers

V-SEAL 101 – Multi-Surface Penetrating Sealer 
Our original cross-linking chemistry and most versatile sealer for all porous concrete, exposed aggregate, brick, stone and other masonry.

Industra-Seal 117A Lithium/Silicate Densifier
117A can be sprayed or rolled on machine trowel (smooth) concrete to increase strength, stain repellence and dust repellence, and when buffed can help concrete gain a polished appearance.  Also available 117pLS for grind and polish please contact us.

Phase II – Penetrating Sealer Enhancer
Phase II synergistically bonds with the ingredients in V-SEAL 101, 102.  This secondary step is the only way to improve upon V-SEAL and is ideal for re-sealing surfaces previously sealed with V-SEAL 101 or 102.

Topical Coatings

Industra-Coat Epoxy/Urethane Kits
This is not home improvement store epoxy paint.  Industra-Coat is a true commercial system widely used at restaurants, factories, and offices nationwide that is also user-friendly for home use.  Available in all states.  Available in clear or 12 colors, and can be used with decorative flakes.

TK6 NanoCoat
TK6 NanoCoat is a new single component nano-based copolymer with the scratch resistance and chemical resistance of urethane, but with no mixing.  TK6 is great for floors, countertops, brick, stone, pavers, stucco and micro-toppings.  TK6 is water clear, suitable for interior and exterior applications, and available in low gloss or matte finish.  The Green Technology waterborne formula is low odor and with only 95 VOC suitable for even Southern California.

Industra-Gloss WB – Water Based 30% Solids Acrylic Sealer.
Moderate color enhancement and low gloss protective sealer for decorative concrete, exposed aggregate and other concrete and masonry.  Also available in colors.

V-SEAL’s extensive list of products includes 20 Year Concrete Sealer, Concrete Driveway Sealer, Concrete Floor Sealer, Warehouse Floor Sealer, Parking Garage Sealer, Patio Sealer, Basement Sealer, Concrete Block Sealer, Waterproof Sealer, Clay Brick Sealer, Floor Epoxy, Garage Epoxy, Urethane Sealer, Polyaspartic Sealer, Concrete Curing Agents, UV Lamps, UV Curing Sealer, Concrete Countertop Sealer, Concrete Repair Products, Crack Sealant, Joint Sealant, Concrete Cleaner, Efflorescence Cleaner, and more.