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Our experts have selected a handful of projects where you’ll find V-SEAL concrete sealing products outperforming the competition. If you don’t see your project below or if you have any questions about how to get the best results, contact one of our technical experts at 877-738-7325 for additional information.

Exterior Concrete Sealer Parking Decks Industrial Floor Sealers Retail Floor Sealers Restaurant Floor Sealers Shop Floor Sealers Countertop Sealers Encaustic Cement Tile Sealers
  • Exterior Concrete Sealer
  • Parking Decks
  • Industrial Floor Sealers
  • Retail Floor Sealers
  • Restaurant Floor Sealers
  • Shop Floor Sealers
  • Countertop Sealers
  • Encaustic Cement Tile Sealers

Exterior Concrete Sealer

Exterior surfaces, such as roads, ramps, or sidewalks, must be maintained by the government or the commercial entity that owns them. These surfaces suffer over time from vehicles, weather, and even foot traffic. Penetrating Sealers that soak into the substrate and strengthen the surface, as well as Topical Sealers that provide additional protection and color enhancement will lengthen the lifespan of these exterior surfaces.

V-SEAL products have been protecting and maintaining exterior surfaces across the world for decades.


Parking Decks

The exposed nature of parking decks leaves them vulnerable to the elements year-round. Moisture, temperature changes, and contaminants from vehicles leave even the best-designed parking garages needing treatment. These demanding applications require concrete sealers that increase strength, repel moisture, protect from salt, grease, oil, gasoline and dirt without diminishing critical traction.

V‑SEAL works with contractors and maintenance staffs to protect parking garages and the expensive property within them.


Industrial Floor Sealers

Strong surfaces that block surface moisture intrusion, block subterranean moisture intrusion, keep stains topical, and control dust are required for long-lasting warehouse floors. Smooth, polished floors that are easy to clean and maintain and provide protection from pallets and forklifts, are necessary for industrial warehouses.

V‑SEAL has helped protect the floors, walls, and ramps of warehouses and factories all over North America and beyond.


Retail Floor Sealers

Commercial floors must be attractive, easy to clean, and be able to withstand the consistent foot traffic that occurs year after year. In addition, floor sealers used on retail floors must meet federal guidelines, such as the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) traction guidelines and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) guidelines.

V‑SEAL has the expertise and products that allow you to achieve strong, compliant retail floors.


Restaurant Floor Sealers

Restaurant floors must meet demanding special requirements. First, they must meet the guidelines of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Second, they must be long-lasting, attractive, and easy to clean without damaging standard mops and cleaning equipment. Maintaining safe, clean restaurant floors is one of the most important, yet most under-looked jobs of a restaurant owner.

V‑SEAL has the expertise and restaurant floor sealers you need to achieve your goals.


Shop Floor Sealers

Shop floors continually receive wear and tear from the cars and trucks that are in and out every day. Over time, these vehicles can cause shop floors to wear down and the fluids cause floors to stain. Densifiers/Hardeners help strengthen the surface of shop floors while blocking surface and subterranean moisture. In addition, Topical Sealers help form a membrane layer over the substrate surface adding protection from stains, grease, gas and oils.

Trust V‑SEAL when it comes to long-lasting, stain-resistant shop floors.


Countertop Sealers

We offer the #1 Topical Sealer system used by counter top professionals around the world, as well as the #1 Penetrating Sealer system. All of these systems have been used and endorsed by the Countertop Institute (CCI) and have been demonstrated in classes and seminars around the world.

V‑SEAL Concrete Countertop Systems are simply the best in the business, offering you years of beautiful, natural, maintenance-free concrete countertops.


Encaustic Cement Tile Sealers

High profile venues, such as the Four Seasons Hotel (Budapest) and the Venetian Casino (Macau) feature Encaustic Cement Tiles. Not only do they portray a unique artistry, but they are a perfect choice for high traffic commercial venues – both indoor and outdoor, because of their extreme durability.

V‑SEAL has perfected a sealing process specifically engineered for Encaustic Cement Tile that integrates seamlessly into the installation process and provides lasting protection from environmental elements, as well as virtually all staining food ingredients.


V-SEAL products + expertise improve the quality of every project.

V-SEAL’s penetrating and topical sealers meet all commercial flooring needs and are durable, attractive and easy-to-clean. Our product selection includes solutions that meet commercial standards, such as the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) traction guidelines, Food and Drug Administration (FDA) guidelines, as well as other Healthcare-related requirements. When quality products are combined with expert technical support, you can be sure that your commercial floors will be in the best shape yet.

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