Smooth Concrete

V-SEAL provides sealers for sealing all types of concrete – including smooth and dense concrete.


The same sealers used at Paul Brown Stadium, Whirlpool, Wal-Mart and BP are also available to seal and protect your smooth and dense concrete. There are two main categories of sealers – penetrating sealers and topical coatings (for more information see below).

Penetrating Sealers soak into porous concrete and masonry and create a permanent chemical reaction. They offer a flat appearance and protection that will only wear away if the substrate itself wears away below the level of sealer penetration. Penetrating sealers require porous masonry to be effective. All V-SEAL penetrating sealers will permanently bond within porous concrete and masonry to strengthen the surface, repel water (ice), oil, salt, and mold and form a moisture resistant barrier that helps prevent surface defects such as chipping, scaling, spalling and cracking, increase stain resistance and ease of cleaning, and block efflorescence with a flat appearance that does not affect traction and is breathable. Application is with pump sprayer or roller.

Topical Coatings are applied on top of concrete and masonry and can offer protection with color enhancement and wet look or gloss finish. In addition to the topical coatings listed below we offer topical coatings in gloss or matte finish, clear, translucent color, opaque color and with enhanced capabilities to resist oil, grease, gasoline, salt, urine and other harsh contaminants.

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