If you are looking for a silane based or siloxane (often called silane-siloxane) based penetrating sealer, please contact us for technical support.

Silane is used in reactive penetrating sealers meant for very dense substrates. It is typically more expensive than traditional penetrating sealers, and less efficient for most porous substrates. For jobs where a silane is specified or necessary, please give us a call for one of our silane based sealers: Industra-Seal 40 or Industra-Seal 100.

Siloxane (or silane-siloxane) is an active ingredient in penetrating sealers with very large molecules. Because of the very large molecule structure, it does not soak into the substrate very far, and will not last as long as other penetrating sealers. In most applications, V-SEAL 101 or V-SEAL 102 would be a better choice. For jobs where a siloxane is specified or absolutely necessary, please give us a call for our siloxane based sealer: V-STOP.

V-SEAL Concrete Sealers offers over 1000 products for curing, sealing, and cleaning concrete, brick, and stone. Our best selling products are featured on our website and cover most applications, but we would be happy to recommend a product specific to your application to ensure you are getting the best product for your application.


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