Wow! I am so impressed! Received today, the very next day and thank you for being so courteous with someone who knew nothing about sealers!

Vicki, Home Owner

Louisville, Kentucky

This is my second order of Vseal 102. The first 10 gallons was rolled onto our newly poured driveway with a bit left over. Rolling seemed like a lot of work on the driveway, so, with the left over sealant, I decided to spray my ground level stucco with my ‘Asolo’ weed sprayer (I was hesitant because the sprayer clogs up so easily). No clogging and very easy cleanup. But never mind the easy cleanup. For years the stucco has been ‘shedding’ efflorescence (white powder which eventually eats away the stucco). The areas that I sprayed with Vseal have ceased the efflorescence. The parts of the patio (new concrete) which I sprayed with Vseal have eliminated the efflorescence. The unsprayed part of the patio is seriously producing efflorescence which we track inside the house and it is very messy. I am requesting my second order of Vseal to spray the rest of the stucco and patio. Thanks again for your wonderful product.


Dianne, Home Owner

Madera, California


Dear Sirs,
We want to let you know how happy we are with your V-Seal penetrating concrete sealer. We really like the flat appearance and how it does not make our driveway slippery. It has been 3 years, no discoloration or flaking and still beads water. Our driveway and sidewalks are still in excellent shape. We appreciate the tip about keeping concrete clean to aid in long-range appearance. We would be happy to recommend V-Seal as we already have to our neighbors and friends.

Thanks again.

Jim Marcie

Boulder, CO


Several years ago we were having critical problems with scaling driveways throughout our area.  We got together with other local contractors to address the problems and paid for petrograph tests and other studies.  From that, we developed procedures that have virtually eliminated problems: Avoid fly ash and strictly use a 6 bag mix. Switched to V-SEAL as the curing agent.  Apply with a garden-style sprayer the day of the pour.  Avoid pouring driveways in winter.  When required blanket cure (no curing agents).  Avoid swirl designs or other forms of surface processing beyond broom finish.  Try to use ACI certified finishers.  Use only superior mix grades. Surface problems are now limited to occasional churt (which can be neutralized with V-SEAL if it occurs) and rare  random circumstances beyond our control. The rising price of asphalt, combined with our superior performance and appearance, makes G.R. Trumble the provider of choice for driveways in Northern Kentucky.

John Klug

G.R. Tumble Construction
Florence, KY


On a stain job this weekend some stain seeped the way through the plastic and stained a driveway that was not suppose to receive the chemical stain. I was worried about being able to remove the stain but used the v-scrub and it came right out. Just thought it definitely exceeded my expectations and I am very happy with the results. Thank You.

Nick Dancer
CounterCrete, LLC

“Defining Concrete Design”

Throughout the past three years using sealing V-Seal concrete sealers and specialty coatings, we have been involved in many jobs which have been a real success for us and the products. One job that has been a shining example of what V-Seal can do is one that we completed early this spring.The project entailed sealing a split face block warehouse.The building had a history of moisture problems. Because of these problems the building owner was in danger of loosing his lease agreement with the occupant. The owner of the building had been trying for some time to get the building contractor to fix the leaks.The contractor went through and checked caulking around doors, windows, flashing, etc. After all this, the leaks still remained.The building owner was at his wits end and was in danger of loosing a vital contract. That is when we stepped in.
As soon as the weather permitted early this spring, the building was sealed with V-Seal 102-V4. The total area sealed was over 18,000 sqft. and took approximately 16 man-hours to complete. The appearance of the building was unchanged. As of this date there has not been any appearance of moisture inside the building. During heavy rains, the block on the buidling never darkens from moisture absorption. The building owner is very pleased with the results; his multi-million dollar investment was saved for an expenditure of less than 1% of the original cost of the structure. Another success for V-Seal!

Joel Kendhammer,
Composite Materials Engineer

LaCrosse, WI


This summer we finished and cured a 100,000 square foot concrete warehouse floor using V-SEAL 101 as the curing agent.  The building owner is ecstatic about the floor.  He says it looks great and the more his employees drop tools and drive forklifts on it, the more he likes it.  The general contractor is so impressed he is going to specify Henderson Construction and V-Seal for all his future concrete projects.

Brett Henderson
Henderson Construction


Thanks for all the help with the questions we had about V-Seal. V-Seal worked exactly like you said it would.Our first job with V-Seal was 77,000 sqft. parking lot. We completed the job in only one day. It turned out great. With the product taking only two hours to dry, we were able to get the lot back in service the same day. I’m still amazed how easy the V-Sea went on and cleaned up. V-Seal is definitely a new part of our family. It is going to set us apart from our competition.

Thanks again !

Scott Valencik
Oswego, IL