Price per Unit (piece): $169.95

DESCRIPTION: V-STOP WB-HD is a hi-performance water based, siloxane/silane water repellent, formulated for use on dense surfaces, such as brick, pre-cast, concrete block, or poured-in-place concrete. V-STOP WB-HD Heavy Duty is very suitable for porous surfaces such as limestone, lightweight concrete, concrete block and mortar joints.


  • Waterproofs concrete and masonry
  • Water-based, VOC Compliant
  • Colorless
  • Odorless
  • Non-staining, Non-yellowing
  • Reduce efflorescence and spalling
  • Breathable
  • Complies with SS W110C and ASTM E514
  • Will not alter texture or appearance of treated surface
  • WB Regular and Heavy Duty are proprietary, aqueous emulsions of siloxane/silane oligomers

Horizontal and vertical surfaces such as:

  • Concrete
  • Concrete block
  • Lightweight concrete
  • Brick & Mortar joints

Low-pressure airless spray equipment is the preferred method of application, although for smaller areas, application with brush or rollers may also be acceptable. Application should be from the bottom up to ensure uniform product distribution. Apply a saturation coat with a 6-8″ controlled rundown. For dense surfaces, one saturation coat of V-STOP WB-HD is normally required. For porous surfaces two or more saturation coats of V-STOP WB-HD Heavy Duty may be required, applied using a “wet on wet” technique. Apply a test patch to evaluate surface appearance and effectiveness of the coverage rate.

Cure new concrete 28 days before application. Surface should be structurally sound, clean, dry, free of dust, dirt, paint, efflorescence, laitance and other contaminants that will prevent the proper penetration of V-STOP WB-HD.
A dry substrate is required for proper penetration of the sealer. Prior to application, joints or cracks must be properly sealed or filled. If acid is used for cleaning, neutralize completely before application of V-STOP WB-HD. A dry substrate allows better penetration of the sealer.
Material Properties @ 75° F, 50% RH Regular Heavy Duty Weight/gallon, lbs. 8.35 8.40 Viscosity, cps 50 50 Depth of Penetration (sub. dependent) 3/8″ 3/8″ Reduction in water leakage (ASTM E514-90) Brick —– 100% Mortar Block —– >91% Reduction in water absorption, SSW110 90.5% 92.3% Flash point (°F) >200 >200 Accelerated weathering 1500 hours No Change No Change
Abrasion Resistance Excellent Excellent Dirt Pick-up None None VOC 25 gms/liter 50 gms/liter

The following coverage rates are approximate and for estimating purposes only: Make test applications on actual surfaces to determine more accurately the coverage rates and effectiveness of water repellent. When two coats are required, apply the second coat on the still wet V-STOP WB-HD by following the “wet on wet” technique. V-STOP WB-HD will yield appx. 40-60 sqft. 1st coat and 60-100 sqft. 2nd Coat.
Values presented are typical and are not necessarily referenced to create specifications.

Clean drips, runs, and overspray residue while still wet, using detergent and water. V-STOP WB-HD will not etch common glass; spills and overspray onto glass can be easily removed with a damp cloth. Dried material may require mechanical abrasion for removal. Clean application and spray equipment with detergent and water immediately following use.

Environmental & Safety
ENVIRONMENTAL AND SAFETY PRECAUTIONS: Industrial Use Only. V-STOP WB-HD products are non-flammable and non hazardous. Avoid splashing into eyes or contact with skin. In case of eye contact, flood eyes repeatedly with water and call a physician as needed. DO NOT RUB EYES! Avoid breathing vapors or mist. Wash hands thoroughly after handling, and before smoking or eating. Do not take internally. Keep away from children and animals. Protect shrubbery, plants, grass, glass, metal and asphalt surfaces during application. Consult Material Safety Data Sheet for complete product information. EMERGENCY RESPONSE PHONE NUMBER: (800) 862-2667 OR (800) 424-9300 CHEMTREC.

Do not dilute. Temperature of air and surface must be at least 45°F and rising. Application at temperatures above 90°F is not recommended. Do not apply if rain is expected within 12 hours of application. Water repellency properties will develop 24 hours to 5 days after application. V-STOP WB-HD is not intended to seal cracks or withstand hydrostatic pressure. Uneven application may result in a blotchy appearance of the surface. Do not apply a “fog” coat.